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My History In Web Development

Hi, my name is Nikolas Stow. I've been doing web design and development for the past 10 years. I have built many websites for small business and other groups including Nine O Hill Ridge and L.A.M.E. Foundation. At 12, I decided I wanted to build a website for myself and for my sisters. Using a WYSIWYG editor, I created The3Torches.com, a place where I had once uploaded videos of me and my family. I found web development fascinating, and I went on to create more websites, including blogs about technology and programming. When I was 13, I began building websites from using just my knowledge of code. This gave me much more control over the sites I built. I am currently proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Java, Objective C, and more. My goal is to provide you with the best possible support while building a functional and aesthetically pleasing website at an affordable price.

Recent Works


The LAME Foundation

The LAME Foundation, or Local Artists for Music Education Foundation, was founded in 2014 between three musicians with a passion to help others. In 2015 the foundation plans to raise money for Orange County public school music programs with the help of musicians in the area. This website is still under develepment and will be fully launched near the end of January 2015.

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Manga Theory

MangaTheory.com is a database for mangas, Japanese style comics, written and drawn by a group based in Saudi Arabia titled Manga Theory. On the website you can browse their creations and purchase them through the many supported digital bookstores, including iBooks, Amazon Kindle, and Google Play Books. The website showcases strong integration with the Amazon API as well as unique anti-piracy software that led to the development of Image Gate.

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Nine O Hill Ridge

Nine O Hill Ridge is a website displaying a particular property. The website includes it's site plan, some concepts for the property, and information regarding the surrounding area. This was a farily simplistic website, and is completely static, meaning the information on the site doesn't change. However the website does include a rotating image banner displaying photos of the property.

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